Hot Air Balloon Rides in Santa Fe, NM

If you are looking for hot air balloon tours or sightseeing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place! We are a hot air balloon company that will take you on a scenic ride over Las Barrancas, NM. If you are looking for a sightseeing adventure of a lifetime, give us a call today at 505-303-8840. We will be more than happy to give you any information about our touring schedules and activities.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Santa Fe, NM

The World Is Different From Up Here

Hot air ballooning is a thrilling experience where you float in the breeze from treetop height to several thousand feet above the ground. During this time, you get to take in mesmerizing views and much more. Since the balloon is traveling with the wind, you will not experience any sensation of the wind. It is typically a serene and calm experience.

If hot air ballooning is on your bucket list, now is the chance you don’t want to miss! We specialize in providing private and personalized rides, all while paying close attention to your expectations and desires. We are known for our excellent customer service. Our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Safety First

Here at Santa Fe Balloons, we pride ourselves on our dedication to safety and professionalism. Our pilots and crew undergo continual training that exceeds standards. We also have protocols in place to keep our passengers safe during every phase of the flight.

Explore Las Barrancas

We rise above the rest with daily hot air balloon rides over Las Barrancas. Come out and celebrate with us. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a family adventure, or a bucket list item, we’d be more than happy to serve you. You will be more than happy to experience many breathtaking views above and beyond the town. Now you, too, can plan an unforgettable experience.

We proudly serve:

Albuquerque, NM | Taos, NM | Santa Fe, NM
*Pick up availability in Santa Fe, NM only


Santa Fe Balloons is run and operated by pilot Josh Sneed. Josh has been piloting for over 25 years since obtaining his license back in 1998. His knowledge and experience ensure you will have a memorable flight! The location near Santa Fe, the incredibly beautiful and serene area known as Las Barrancas (The Ravines), also provides for unforgettable memories and photos. It is not only spectacular but safe for hot air balloon flights.

We invite you to come and join us! Not only is the view breathtaking, but you will make memories that will last a lifetime. We know that you’ve always wanted to do it, so give us a call!

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