Meet the Crew

Join us for a fun and safe hot air balloon ride with our experienced team of pilots and crew!

Josh Sneed

Pilot and Owner. Josh has always been passionate about hot air balloons. He first experienced balloon flight at 8 years old when his dad took him for his first flight. Ever since then, he has been hooked and followed his dad to attend festivals around the southeast. In 1999, Josh earned his pilot's certificate and has been flying through the skies ever since. Josh now shares his love for hot air balloons with his kids, continuing a family tradition. He has a wealth of expertise, which has helped the company succeed and provide exceptional experiences for you, our passengers.

Josh Cato

Pilot and Operations Manager. His fascination with hot air balloons took root while he was crewing at a balloon event. Ever since, soaring above the clouds has become his passion. As an experienced pilot, he takes great pleasure in sharing his enthusiasm with new people every day. Known for his boundless energy and spunk, he is often referred to by his last name—a subtle nod to his background as a firefighter, EMT, and police officer. He continues to pursue his passion for hot air balloons and is eager to provide that experience for you.

Molly Rummel

Flight and experience coordinator. Molly has been around ballooning since she was a little girl, growing up with two pilots in the family. She enjoys creating sweet treats for her family and friends to enjoy, and is always on the lookout for new baking ideas. Molly is always ready to answer your questions and help you book the adventure of a lifetime. Contact Molly today!

Nicholas Abrams

Nicholas is a first-generation balloon pilot. His journey into ballooning began through a coworker, serving as crew for six years. With that encouragement, he pursued and obtained his private and commercial pilot certificate. Nick is driven by a desire to showcase the beauty of ballooning. He cherishes the opportunity to share the wonder of aviation with new passengers, offering them a unique and inspiring perspective.