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Johnny Lewis hails from West Texas

Yet he has been drawn to the beauty and enchantment of Santa Fe, NM to do what he loves to do..

Fly Balloons

It is hard to miss Johnny, decked out in his Cowboy hat and boots - laying on his Intense Texas Charm.

He has had a spotless safety record during his 30 years of ballooning experience and has logged several thousand hours Piloting Hot Air Balloons.

He has been a designated examiner for the FAA and currently is an FAA Certified Instructor, having trained hundreds of student pilots over the years.

Due to Johnny's spotless safety record, he is often invited to speak at ballooning safety seminars throughout the U.S.

During his career in ballooning, Johnny has flown and performed stunts in movies and documentaries.

He has flown for National Geographic on an Archaeology expedition in Luxor, Egypt.

He has flown in a world class event in Saga, Japan, as well as numerous balloon races throughout the U.S.

He has also been contracted to fly corporate balloons for some of the largest companies in the country.


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