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Daniel Mallin August 31, 2022
"These folks are awesome professionals and fun! Happy birthday Johnny! Highly recommend 😍"
Tammy August 29, 2022
Joshua Baldwin August 2, 2022
"Just an amazing experience for the whole family. We were able to fly in the desert versus over buildings in town. The kids were allowed to help air up the balloons, and lay on them to help deflate them(carefully). They have not stopped talking about this at all!! It's so nice for them to have a real life experience outside of their cell phones these days, and this one nailed it!! We looked at flying out of a local shop in Albuquerque, it would have been a little cheaper and less of a drive for us. That usually wins over when you're on vacation with the family. This company exceeded our expectations and made it well worth it. It was a bit North of Sante Fe to the actual fly site, just incredible. Johnny was our pilot and was very informative about the local regions and other items in the area. If you're considering this, give this company a shot. Thanks for reading."